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“Our world lacks empathy and compassion,
but we have the ability to be better.”  


Henry Jan, the consummate entrepreneur, has cultivated a life embodying these very words. He is the architect of structuring and facilitating over 100 corporate mergers and acquisitions in dozens of industries, including healthcare, cannabis, real estate, logistics, entertainment, and biotech - many of which he ushered into public entities.


Jan is a man shaped as much by his upbringing and beliefs as by his time. Attending the University of California (USC) in the ‘90s, he earned a Bachelor of Science as a Sound Engineer. At that time, both Jan and the world were on the precipice of seismic change, as the birth of the digital age reshaped everything before everyone’s very eyes. 


Whether inspired by this ‘brave new world’ or his own internal drive, Jan started his first business while still attending lectures in USC’s hallowed halls. Latching onto the new digital world, he created a library of digital sounds, noises, and effects that are still used to this day to help filmmakers, radio stations, and YouTubers round out their content with the right sound.


These successes were eventually replaced by a gnawing sense of ‘insufficiency.’ Jan felt that he and the world were ‘missing’ something, and he became driven by this idea. So, six years ago, he started his journey to develop Vezbi - his ‘answer’ to what the world was missing. The actual concept of Vezbi has taken on many forms since its inception and evolved as Jan has tried to find that ‘missing’ something.


Falling back on his personal history and memories of Southeast Asian night markets, along with the desire to bring a cohesive and more organized approach to the digital experience, Vezbi organically grew into a ‘Super App” - one that could appeal to the western digital palate. While many believe the Internet’s anonymity espouses a ‘freedom’ to say anything with zero accountability, Jan envisions a more mature, community-supportive approach.


Jan developed the Vezbi Super App on a foundation of ‘altruistic egoism,’ or the idea that the individual’s ‘selfish’ drive can work to improve the lives of all. This tenet shaped not only the philosophy behind the Vezbi Super App but also Vezbi the (Super) business and the establishment of Project Seva, which aims to help fund 100 eligible non-profit organizations, fully encapsulating the idea: “I win when we win.”

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